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WTH's products and services are frequently integrated with other third party software as a part of a larger solution. Some of WTH's strategic partners include:

SHI-Head SHI-Logo
SHI International Corp.
From hardware and software procurement to deployment planning, configuration and data center optimization, SHI offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of your environment.
Privately held and under the guidance of our current ownership since 1989, SHI has experienced tremendous growth in size and scope through neither merger nor acquisition.  Our organic growth and two decades of stability are the direct result of backing a highly-skilled and tenured sales force with software volume licensing experts, hardware procurement specialists and certified IT services professionals.

AlertPSS logo
Alert Public Safety Solutions
Alert Public Safety Solutions, Inc. (“Alert PSS”) is a provider of innovative public safety software solutions. Alert PSS' products constitute a complete software solutions package that improves operational efficiency and increases an agency’s ability to direct first responders and protect and serve citizens. The Company is based in Central Ohio and provides a suite of Public Safety Software solutions for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire and Emergency Medical Services sector. The suite of solutions includes Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management for Law, Fire and EMS, Jail, Court, Mobile Dispatch, and Information Sharing through Data Interoperability. Additionally, Alert PSS is pioneering Next Generation 9-1-1 Systems to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). The Software incorporates the technology guidelines created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), including data sharing at thehighest levels of interoperability.


Brownlee logo
Brownlee Data Systems
VP Software is a set of powerful, user friendly tools to help you manage your agency's information. With its consistent and intuitive design, records are quickly, cleanly, and easily entered once and used many times. Powerful searches and reports provide virtually unlimited access to your records - cross referenced by combinations of person, vehicle, officer, location, offense, etc...

CODY Computer Services, Inc.
Since 1979, CODY has been a leader in offering integrated public safety solutions to public safety and federal agencies. The CODY product line includes records management (RMS), computer aided dispatch (CAD), case management & intelligence analysis (CMIS), mobile records and field reporting (MRMS), jail records management (JMS), civil process management (CPMS), System-Agnostic web based data-sharing (C.O.B.R.A), and Browser-based Records and Data Sharing (CODY Express).

CSI Technology Group
CSI has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Since 1999, when we developed the innovative, rules-based ASPsoft, which provided the infrastructure and user interface for the InfoShare™ application, making our products extremely customizable and easy to use. CSI continues to embrace the latest trends with on-going, aggressive research and development, now delivering our case management systems on a .Net platform and providing mobile interfaces and cloud-based technology. Solutions for electronic filing and computer-aided dispatch with iPad integration are just some of the current offerings that showcase our innovative, yet technically sound, advances to support our government and public safety customers.

Enforsys, Inc., a leading developer of public safety software, provides information sharing, forecast analytics, computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management systems (RMS), and mobile reporting solutions. Based in Roseland, New Jersey, the company was founded in 2000.
Enforsys offers a fully-integrated set of Web-based applications that can be accessed over a private IP network, including wireless connectivity. The company currently has more than 120 installations in the northeastern United States. Clients range in size from small agencies comprising just four officers, to large departments with more than 1,400 officers.
Our company focuses on resolving public safety agencies’ critical needs for information management, data sharing, and analysis with minimal capital outlay. The Enforsys technology provides for an integrated real-time application that connects a police officer or other public safety professional with the broader systems of law enforcement and criminal justice.
The Enforsys management team has an extensive background in both law enforcement and information technology, with 47 years of law enforcement experience, 50 years of IT experience, and 43 years of customer service experience.

INdigital Telecom
INdigital Telecom is recognized as a national leader and innovator in the implementation of Next Generation 911 Technologies. INdigital Telecom was formed in 1995 by a group of independent telephone companies and in 2004 was selected by the State of Indiana Wireless Board to build a new statewide E911 network. The company built a private, high speed IP network, the first of its kind and what is now the largest Emergency Services IP network in the United States.

Law Soft
LawSoft, Inc. brings you the easiest to use, most effective Computer Aided Dispatch / Record Management System available today, now with integrated GIS mapping and AVL (Auto-Vehicle Location). This is a proven system that accomplishes what it claims. We never make false promises and you'll never hear us say "that's coming, we're still working on it" when referring to what you've seen in our demo. More importantly, not only was this system created by software developers, but by Police Officers that use the system everyday. These same Officers are employed by LawSoft as developers, instructors and technical support personnel.
LawSoft, Inc. was incorporated in 2003, however the software was designed and has been in use for over 15 years. Even though our software has stood the test of time we use the most current and up to date software platform available to take advantage of the latest technological advances in this field. In doing this we bring you a state of the art, easy to use CAD/RMS/AVL-Mapping application in the field today.
At LawSoft, Inc. our developers and system engineers are not only highly skilled in application development, but also in the genre of Police reporting work flow.This allows LawSoft, Inc. to deliver a solution this is fast, effective and easy to use because it is designed using Police Officer logic regarding how data is entered, retrieved and analyzed.


Nicholson Business Systems
Nicholson Business Systems is dedicated to helping our customers reach their full potential. Whether it's for a one-man police department or for an entire city finance division, our software is designed to help agencies and businesses do their job as efficiently as possible, with as little need for technical support as possible.
Nicholson Business Systems has been in the software business almost 20 years, and has written software for every operating system from DOS to the latest Windows. NBS is headquartered in Florence, South Carolina, and provides software and support for Law Enforcement Agencies, Municipalities, and Businesses in the southeast.
Our two primary focuses are LawTrak - a fully integrated Law Enforcement and Court package, and our suite of Business Modules - an integrated set of financial packages.



MetroAlert meets the specific needs of law enforcement agencies with comprehensive police software solutions.
Our cutting-edge technology connects everyone in your public safety network and provides instant, real-time access to critical information.
For 30 years, law enforcement agencies have trusted us to lead the way by providing the most powerful police software solutions available anywhere.



WTH Technology is an authorized Motorola Application Development Partner.  Our Think AVL® software is capable of receiving vehicle location reports from Motorola Astro 25 and MOTOTRBO solutions.  This allows our customers to experience the powerful combination of Motorola's industry leading wireless infrastructure and robust visualization and reporting tools with Think AVL® and Think GIS®.


PTS Solutions

Professional and Technical Software Solutions (dba PTS Solutions) has been developing software for criminal justice and supporting agencies since 1988. We offer a full line of public safety software solutions to manage everything from the initial 911 call, to the mobile dispatch, the officer’s arrest report, the jail booking, and the court docket. We even have solutions for after court registries to document sex offenders and probationers. In between, we offer more specific solutions such as investigation case management, pawn shop tracking, training and certifications, and more. Best of all? All of the systems are tied together in one database to optimize data sharing and minimize duplicate entry.

Packetalk is the leading provider of reliable and secure broadband wireless solutions for local and county networks. Currently, Packetalk’s solutions are deployed with multiple US public safety agencies. These organizations use Packetalk’s solution to deliver high bandwidth applications like video and graphic files and other communications to officials in real time, even to mobile users in the field.
Packetalk’s wireless broadband products are proven solutions that support a wide range of critical applications, including:
  • Internet Access & Connectivity: Primary and back-up high-speed, broadband connectivity to government and non-profit organizations for cost-effective internet access and LAN to LAN communications.
  • Mobile Broadband: Broadband mobile networking for law enforcement and other public safety agencies to support broadband data, voice and real-time video applications.
  • Wireless Video: City-wide video surveillance systems without the need for cabling. 

SS logo2010

Southern Software, Inc.
As a leading provider of Public Safety and Municipal Financial Management software for over 25 years we have a well-earned reputation for providing innovative, cost-effective software solutions. Our software is built upon the proven, cutting-edge technology and the rock-solid stability of .Net and is supported by best-in-class Technical Support.

Since 1988, Southern Software is dedicated to building the best software using proven cutting-edge technology, developed with an intimate, personal understanding of our clients’ needs. We back that Software with industry-leading domestic support and training.
 Southern Software is dedicated to creating software solutions to solve difficult problems for the safety and greater good of mankind.

The Cordero Group
 In 2010, The Cordero Group was formed to improve public safety by offering uniquely successful and proven methods and systems to public and private security forces throughout the world. By reusing and refocusing existing public safety technology and combining them with the latest technologies, The Cordero Group offers police and security forces the ability to improve cost efficiencies and productivity, reduce crime and increase public satisfaction with police services at an affordable cost. 



XSoft, Inc was formed in January, 2006 with the goal in mind of providing counties with a dynamic alternative to the traditional assessment software solutions available. We recognized the need for a stable, dependable software provider that would be there for its clients, providing affordable and reliable support and maintenance. We are passionate about the success of our clients and feel that the solution is simple; provide a superior product with superior service.
XSoft is made up of individuals with a strong background in the assessment and technology industries. Although each employee has specialized skills and focus areas, we are all involved in every aspect of the company, including design, development, conversion, training and support.
At XSoft, we have decades of practical experience in the business.



Zuercher Technologies.

Zuercher Technologies, LLC is a software company on a mission to provide public safety professionals with the highest quality, easiest to use, and best supported software possible. We've been on this mission since 2003 and have worked in extremely close collaboration with public safety agencies and veterans to build ledsSuite, a cutting edge software solution.

Zuercher Technologies' ledsSuite product line provides computer-aided dispatch, mapping, records management, mobile CAD & RMS, jail management, civil process tracking, financial records management, agency administration, reporting, and many more components. We've worked tirelessly over the last nine years to continually improve and expand ledsSuite into the best of breed solution it is today.