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About WTH

Where Technology Happens®

WTH In A Nutshell

At first it might seem easy to describe WTH. We're well known as the creators of a popular suite of GIS software products. Our flagship product, Think GIS®, is a powerful, easy to use geographic information system and it provides the foundation of all our location based solutions. That would cause most people to say that WTH is a software company. However, the truth is, our software products are merely a tool that we use to provide comprehensive services to our clients. The solutions we work with our clients to develop deliver a wide variety of functionality. Our goal is to design a set of deliverables including products and services that efficiently and effectively meet each client's specific goals and objectives. We have the experience and expertise to design custom solutions based on the vision that our clients bring to the table. While it's true that we develop software, our mission is to empower local communities with tools and consultative support to help them do their jobs better, faster and smarter.

Customers For Life

At WTH we're not interested in merely working with our clients on a project. We desire to develop a long term relationship that we like to call "customers for life". We are committed to creating the highest value possible for our clients in everything we do. We devote the majority of our time and resources to providing world class support and consulting services. For example, our annual support agreements cover much more that just software bug fixes. The majority of our services are delivered in an all you can eat, unlimited access package. Our clients don't worry about receiving a bill whenever they contact us. Our team is driven every day to go above and beyond to exceed our client's expectations.

WTH History

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 25% of businesses survive 15 years. Businesses that reach a half century in operation are few indeed. WTH is proud to have reached that exciting milestone. Looking back, there are three pivotal years in the life of WTH. Each represents a major turning point in the history of the Company.



The Company is established as a civil engineering firm by Warren T. Hobson. The firm provides civil engineering services such as small bridge design and bridge inspections to County and Municipal Clients for 30 years.

The firm is purchased by Rex E. Jones and renamed WTH Engineering, Inc. Building on its past success the Company continues to work with its civil engineering clients while expanding into related technology services.

WTH Technology, Inc. is formed as a separate corporation whose purpose is to develop and provide GIS products and services. The Company acquires City Map and begins development of a new version of mapping software.

Since 1997

Since the current WTH ownership has been in place the Company has grown steadily, adding many new customers each year. The Company flagship Think GIS® software suite has expanded to include a variety of specialized map-centric tools to bring more functionality to our users. Today Think GIS® software is in use on nearly 10,000 computers by over 1,400 customers in 14 states. Our commitment to providing the highest quality, personalized customer support is the main reason over 50% of our customers have been with WTH for 10 or more consecutive years.