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Field Collection of Inventory

There are a variety of ways to locate and collect your asset inventory in the field. The method that's right for you will depend on your specific situation. WTH can provide turnkey field inventory services if that's what you desire. If you'd like to perform field inventory and collection yourself we can advise and train your staff to successfully locate and inventory your assets. Think GIS® is compatible with data captured by a variety of systems. Our Infrastructure specialists can help you make an informed decision and implement an appropriate data collection methodology to meet your needs. One affordable and easy to use solution is available from WTH.

GeoJot+ Data Collector App

GeoJot+ is an annual subscription service that enables your organization to quickly collect field data on mobile devices with geotagged photos, automatically upload the photos and data to the cloud, then process the information back in the office creating reports, maps and database input. With an intuitive interface for the field app, seamless data transfer via the cloud, and a sophisticated engine running back in the office, GeoJot+ is both simple and powerful.

An Administrator’s Dashboard enables tracking of app usage, as well as the ability to add, revoke, and transfer app licenses between Apple, Android, and now Windows Mobile devices. The GeoJot+ app simplifies deployment throughout your organization. Create and distribute unlimited field data collection forms to your team. Easily collect data that is both accurate and consistent. Train your field team in minutes.

GeoJot+ software is able to map photographs and accompanying attribute information captured with a GPS camera or any digital camera used in conjunction with any compatible GPS unit. Organizations are creating watermarked photos and photo maps with attribute data to document compliance and proof of performance, for site assessment, asset inventory, real property inventory, and much more - anything that requires photographic documentation for a location at a specific point in time. You can analyze your geotagged photos along with other data you have collected within Think GIS®, or simply create documents to share the geotagged photos and photo maps between users. GeoJot+ photo mapping software saves time, money, and eliminates the errors often introduced during tedious manual data entry.